Yie Ar Kung Fu I&II

The two games are basically the same, you fight progressively more difficult opponents, every opponent has a different fighting technique to counter. The original game was a bit to easy, subsequently, on the second game the difficulty was increased (Commodore version). In the second game you have to travel across a few screens before you face your enemy, on the way to your main enemy you have to dodge some other smaller baddies.
On the Spectrum version the 1st one was seen as a great game while the second one got bad reviews. On the Commodore the second one got better reviews than the first one.  The 1st game on the Spectrum plays pretty slow while the Commodore zips along, still the Spectrum got good reviews.

When comparing the two versions the 1st one is the closest, the Spectrum has better sprites while the Commodore has better sound and plays faster. On the second game the competition is less fierce, the Commodore version is a much better game, faster better graphics and above all better sound (a nice Martin Galway track plays).

The final analysis? Commodore 1 1/2 vs Spectrum 1/2.