This game is one of the most unusual shoot-em-ups ever. You play a wizards ball, uhm, that sounds a bit rude... When you start you bounce all  over the place, you have to shoot power-ups to collect 4 way moving, a cat (more on this later), two way shooting, edge protection shooting, lasers, multiple direction shooting, smart bomb and invincibility. You select the currently flashing weapon by wiggling the joystick, the uniqueness of the game is however in control of the cat. Hold in the firebutton and control goes from you to the cat. You have to restore color to the world, you do this by shooting paint droplets and then collecting them with the cat.
There are three pots  or three colors to fill, every level has a different color and a different target color. When you fill the blended color pot you get to go to an interlude screen, collect some extra points and then you go to see the wizard where you collect a permanent extra weapon. Start with the movement controlling weapon, when you die next you do not bounce all over the place.

You can also collect droplets that makes your cat crazy, makes the screen dark, give you extra lives and a bunch of other possibilities.

Not the ordinary shoot-em-up, but a great one. The Commodore version is perfect, everything is done just right, the speed of the aliens, the hiding away in the scenery the general pace of the game. The Spectrum is not bad but with the screen narrow, allowing it to scroll, enemies spring out at you slightly to quickly. The sprites flicker, sometimes enemies disapear, the collition detection is also bad. You see the Commodore has hardware collision detection, the Spectrum not, I thought I would just put it out there.

Playability, graphics, sound and extra effects are better on the Commodore. The Spectrum doesn't have the interlude blasting screen and also the Spectrum doesn't have the great intro theme.

Commodore original and a Spectrum beater!