The hit of 1990 from Germany. The game is again, one of those where you do not need a plot, you are Turrican, you walk/jump/fly around and collect different weapons. Hold in fire and you get an energy stream emitting from your weapons, you can move this 360 degress around yourself and destroy everything in sight. Then you also get different power-ups which result in different weapons, laser, multi directions, smart bomb and others.

So what makes this so great? For one thing the arcade quality blasting action, it's an eight way scroller where you get to explore different section of the level you are on. You might discover hidden treasures. The action on the Commodore is extremely fast, the scrolling is super smooth. The Spectrum while not slow isn't nearly as fast as the Commodore. The Commodore has some good spot effects, it contributes to the atmosphere.

The Spectrum version is colorful, it also has alot of color clash, especially when comparing it against the Commodore which obviously has none. When comparing the two versions on screenshots only it seems that they are very similar, the fast gameplay on the Commodore however sets it apart.

Commodore winner, yet again.