Rainbow Islands

Bub and Bob are at it again, they retired from bubble blowing after the brilliant Bubble Bobble. The barron has taken everyone on the islands Bub and Bob went to live on and the yare out to rescue everyone. They must negotiate seven islands, each with four sections, if they take to long water starts filling up the screen/island. This time instead of bubbles, rainbows are used to walk on and to destroy your enemies, who are varied but yet cute.

The Spectrum version is very colorful, for a Spectrum game, the colorclash is obviously still there but it is handled OK. When the action gets busy the sound slows down and the scrolling is one shift instead of smooth scrolling. All the usual Spectrum issues. The Commodore has a great tune playing while the Spectrum has at least something playing, unlike Bubble Bobble whic had nothing.

It is difficult to see a clear winner, I am however going to call the Commodore the winner, better color, tune and scrolling.


This is one of the iconic movies of the eighties, it is still replayed numerous times on TV. The conversion to the 8-bit machines were well done, both versions are high quality games. Level 1 and 3 and 5 are side scrollers where you walk from left to right on the screen and shoot the baddies. Level 2 sees you looking from Robocop's perspective, you have to shoot a criminal while avoiding the hostage he is holding. In Level 4 you have to solve a puzzle and match the face of a criminal. You can pick up extra ammo, better ammo and food to fill your power again.
The Commodore character graphics are very good, also not only on the main character but on all the sprites. Not blocky at all and also in color, very good indeed! The Spectrum suffers from a lack of color, everything is black and white. The Commodore has some speech and tunes playing, nothing special, obviously still fastly better than the Spectrum.

The major difference between the games are the number of lives you get, on the Commodore one and on the Spectrum three. To be honest you uare going to need more than one life. The Commodore version is therefore much more difficult in my opinion, it therefore loses on playability to the Spectrum version, although not by much.


The Commodore version however gets the vote, the graphics on the Commodore is much better than the Spectrum. I