Good old Pacman, Inky, Blinky,Pinky and Clyde are back in a new adventure. Pacman has to help lost Fairies back to Fairyland and then return home to his family after receiving gifts from the Fairy queen, obviously for a job well done. Pac has the usual fruit to collect and power pills to eat, push twice in the direction you move and you speed up and jump higher, meanwhile Pac's adversaries are chasing him in cars, aeroplane's, pogo-sticks, and what not. Meanwhile Pac has to jump rivers, using a spring board, and a lot of wiggling.
Due to limitations of the machine, according to the instructions, the Spectrum version doesn't have a Fairyland sequence. The Spectrum also doesn't have sound, color and scrolling. The Spectrum game only resembles the original in theme and basic gameplay, thereafter not a lot of commonality exists.I can sort of handle that the game doesn't scroll, what is however unforgiveable is that you can not  progress from one screen to the other due to unseen objects on the next screen. This forces you to always jump to the next screen due to not knowling what lies ahead, I guess you have to learn.

This is a simple and nicely little game on the Commodore, it includes a jolly little tune or two. The original arcade game was circa 1984, back then the arcade machines resembled the home machines. The Spectrum however can not recreate this simple game.

Clear Commodore winner, again.