New Zealand Story

Tiki the Kiwi has to rescue twenty of his mates from Wally the walrus, doesn't sound very interesting, but it makes for some great game play. It turns out the Kiwi's do not just play rugby, there is something else going on way down under. Classic cute platform action,the Japanese seems to be good at creating these cute arcade characters. This was also a big Nintendo game, the Commodore and Sectrum  games have to be compared not only with each other but also with the Nintendo version, the Spectrum falls well short.

Kiwi is armed with a bow and arrows, he later finds stronger weaponry as his quest continues. You can also use some of the equipment of your enemies as transportation, as well as swimming.

The Spectrum version does scroll but it has monochrome graphics, the screen doesn't contain as much detail as the Commodore (putting it mildly), on the Commodore the graphics is smaller, colorfull and has more detail on the backgrounds. The gameplay on the Spectrum is not that bad, the problem however is that it seems to be a different game from the Commodore, the  outlay of the levels are different.

The biggest problem however is obvious, bland backdrops, there is nothing there, the Commodore however has beautifull and colorfull graphics. I stated this before, by 1989 it was game over for the Spectrum, it couldn't compete anymore.

Obvious Commodore winner.


Nemesis was one of the most anticipated progressive shooters to come out of the arcade, unfortunately it wasn't very good on the either machine. It is standard fair, shoot enemies, collect power ups, select weapons, shoot more baddies.

The problem with the game however was that you get to go right back to the start when you get killed, highly fistrating, if this was done better the game whould have rated higher.

The Commodore is better in all respects, better sound, graphics, scrolling and color.

Another Commodore winner.

What a unique and cool concept, you are tasked with destroying towers, you do this by climbing the tower, and setting off an implosion at the top. What sets the game apart is the unique perspective, you walk around the tower, the whole tower scrolls 360 degrees. This looks really cool, specially when you enter a door and the other side of the door is on the other side of the tower. Very nice effect.
You can jump, shoot at some objects, use lifts and you the aformentioned doors to travel up the tower. When something touches you you do not die, you rather fall to the level below you, if there is nothing below you, you drown. After destroying every tower, on the Commodore, there is a bonus section where you travel to the next tower shooting fish.


From the screenshots it might seem that the two games are very similar, and they are, the level outlay, play and tower movement is near identical. The Commodore has nice sound effects and obviously uses color better. The Spectrum however has a major drawback, the sprites flicker quite badly, headache time. If it wasn't for this I would have called it a draw, with the flickering however and the bonus section on the Commodore it is the Commodore, a clear winner again!