Manic Miner

Ask Spectrum owners about the computer and they will tell you about the endless hours of fun playing this game. It is difficult sharing their enthusiasm for this game, it does have appeal, that is obvious. It is however difficult to over look it's limitations, I have never enjoyed pixel perfect positioning  in games, it limits the playability. On top of this, if you die in the wrong way you might enter the room in such a way that you get killed off instantly.

Miner Willy has to negotiate the mine and collect keys to exit the different caverns, before the air runs out. There is nothing between the two versions, except the Spectrum has the usual color clash. The result is a draw..


The evil god Dameron has taken over the world, it is your task, by going back in time, to fight the demon through the ages. You start of in hell and progress to  the ancient  Greeks and Romans, then it is of to the Norse times followed by a final confrontation. You have to use the right weapon to fight against the different demons, you pick up a sword but you will need something stronger to fight the bigger demons. You can run, kick, jump,punch and use the current enabled weapon.

The Commodore version has great presentation, speech when the game starts, introduction screens and smooth scrolling combined with awesome animation on the main character and all enemies. The Spectrum version doesn't scroll, it obviously also doesn't have any of the sound. The 128k version fairs a bit better in the sound department but still nothing special.

The Spectrum version has a pink main character again, my pet hate, some color clash as well. The game was well received on both platforms, it's another System 3 winner.

This game, like Last Ninja, showed just how much better the Commodore was then the Spectrum. The Commodore is once again, a clear winner, by this time in 1989 the Spectrum was showing it's age and limitations. The Commodre was competing with Nintendo and PC's, the competition from the Spectrum was starting to fade.