Last Ninja 2

The original Last Ninja was never released on the Spectrum, reportedly due to it not being up to standard. The Spectrum had legions of isometric type games, the Commodore versions, although just as good in many instances, never brought anything more to the table, except for maybe a better tune. This time however, it happened the otherway around, the Commodore version was produced first. Instead of monochromatic graphics we get graphics in full color, showing just how much more the Commodore was capable of. The Commodore beat the Spectrum at home as it were, the computer that saw Knight Lore didn't have the upperhand anymore in this type of game.


The game is divided into seven levels, the park, New York streets, the sewer, the basement, the offices, the island, the palace and the final battle. You get different types of weapons to fight the baddies with, in this case even pole swinging policemen, you have to solve puzzles and find ways to gain entry to the next levels. The fighting is implemented well,it adds to the game, the character animations are first class. The Commodore version also includes some amazing tunes and nice graphics introducing every new level.

Now comparing the two versions, the Spectrum version is not bad, the Commodore version however kicks butt. It's color garphics versus mono, it's also brilliant atmosheric tunes versus silence.

There is no competition really, the Commodre wins hands down, the isometric bogey is put to rest.

Light Force

I'm including this game due to it making the top games lists on the Spectrum, it didn't really feature on the Commodore.


The game is a vertical scroller, you upgrade you weapons as you progress. Nothing special just implemented well. The Spectrum doesn't have much color clash on this one, always an advantage on the machine. The Commodore has loads of game in this genre, Slapfight , Flying shark and Terra Cresta springs to mind. In my opinion all these games are better the Light Force.


Not much to say really, the Commodore plays a nice tune while the Spectrum spaceship looks like a desk with a tower-case and monitor. WTF were the programmers thinking?

The Commodore wins on acount of the game presentation, specifically the sound and spaceship, being better.