Kung-Fu Master

This is the perfect arcade game for conversion to the 8-bit machines, it is not a complex game to convert. Walk along the passage beat up, kick or jump kick at the different enemies coming at you. Simple, but in my opinion fun, I used to really enjoy this game in the arcades.

I included the loading screens to show that the Spectrum programmer spent all his time on the loading screen and nothing on the actual game. You are actually dressed in white in this game, in the Spectrum game you however fuse with your enemies to also turn ugly pink. When not turning pink you slip-walk your way to the edge of the screen, the whole screen then magically jerks one screen ahead.

There are no gaps between the attacking enemies, nothing like the arcade machine. Everything happens very slowly, the Commodore on the other hand works beautifully. The pase of the game is the same as the arcade version, down to the number of enemies attacking.

This is not rocket science, the Spectrum however fails spectacularly , excuse the bad pun. The Commodore gets the job done, well executed conversion.

Clear winner here, Commodore.