Impossible Mission

You have six real-time hours to complete the game, you have to search the complex of Elvin Atombender for the password to open the door to his secret chamber. You go about your quest by searching all the furniture and equipment in the different roomes for puzzle pieces, robbot snoozes and lift resets. Robots defend the various rooms, the follow you, shoot electricity at you or just roam around.  To get from one room to the other you run in the passage between them and use elevators to move up and down. Everytime you fall through a hole i the floor or a robot gets you, you lose ten minutes.


Two games are never the same, the layout of the complex changes, what robots do and where passes, snoozes and lift resets are changes from game to game. You have to relearn every screen, in one game a specific screen might be easy the next time around you need a snooze to
momentarily stop robots so that you can get to a piece of furniture.

You have to find all 36 puzzle pieces, when you have enough pieces you have to re-assemble the puzzle pieces by matching 3 pieces at a time. This is a little game in itself, puzzle pieces can be flipped left /right and up/down. Their color can also be changed, when a solution is found one of the words in the password is revealed.

The Commodore also has some brilliant speech, remember this was released in 1984. It's starts with 'Another visitor, stay a while, stay forever!', also 'Destroy him my robots!', brilliant stuff! When you fall in a hole in the floor you let out a blood freezing scream, in the background you can hear the humm of the robots.

The Spectrum suffers from crap sound, bad color clash and the main sprite that looks a bit hunchbacked.

This is the best one-screen, no scroll, platform games of all time. Nothing else comes even close. It is included in the Commodore 64 joystick, go and order the joystick on Amazon and enjoy the game again if you don't have a Commodore 64 available for use. Forget about Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner, this was released at the same time, there is no competition this is the best platformer in it's class.

The Commodore wins this one by a million miles, fantastic and brilliant!