Head over Heels

Who doesn't know Head over Heels? This game has been remade for PC's, it is available on the net, for free. It's an isometric 3D game, in the same mould as Knight Lore. You play either Head or Heels, you can swap between the two at any point in time.


Head  and Heels have slightly different capabilities, the one can jump further while the other on is faster.  Extra lives can be collected , Head can shoot doughnuts and when the two meet  they  can combine into one being.  You have to liberate five planets by collecting five crowns, or you can  just try and escape.

This is  a great  game, loads of playability, loads of lastability, one of the great 8-bit games. Unfortunately I couldn't get a Commodore version that worked properly in the emulator, therefore the lack of screenshots.


Both games  move at the same rate, the graphics seem to be the same with some cosmetic differences. Head over Heels shows that the Commodore could do these isometric games when programmed properly, the Commodore has  better sound but nothing outstanding.

It is a draw people!