Fairlight caused  a stir when it was released due to the superb graphics. The land of Fairlight is stuck in gloom  and perpetual darkness , the Light is gone and it is your mission to restore the light. The place sounds a lot like gloomy crappy England, if you ask me. Alas, you won't restore light to England when you complete the game, you still need to move to Australia or California. Back to the game, following on the heels of  Knight  Lore, isometric 3D games were all the rage, especially on the Spectrum. Fairlight does well in creating a world with many different locations and moveable objects. Moving objects in 3D was a big deal back in the day.

As can be  seen  from the screenshot comparison, there is not much to choose between the two version. The graphics are virtual copies of each other. It is when it comes to playability  that the Spectrum proves to do better. It playes faster, both versions slow down when there are many  moving objects, the Commodore just runs slower. It seems that the programmers didn't use any of the Commodore's superior hardware capabilities.

The netto effect, the Spectrum version is better.

Flying Shark

The plot doesn't matter, you fly a bi-plane, you have to destroy everything that gets thrown at you. When you destroy some of the enemies extra weapons pop-up. This is pure arcade action, what you need is fast action and loads of explosions.

Let's compare the two versions, the Commodore version uses the computer well. The game scrolls from top to bottom AND from left to right. That is pure hardware magic working here people. This is done while planes, tanks, boats and guns fire at your plane without anything slowing down. It is impossible to create this effect on the Spectrum without making the game crawl. The Spectrum game's playing area is quite small, but for the machine, it scrolls well and doesn't seem to slow down when the actoin hots up. The Commodore version also has an average tune playing while you blast away.

The Spectrum version is a good shoot-em-up, the Commodore version however soars high above the Spectrum version

Frankie goes to Hollywood


This game came as quite a surprise, nobody thought that a tie-in with the pop group Frankie goes to Hollywood would be a good game. Denton Design however pulled out all the stops and created a very special and popular game. You start the game as a person without a life, you need to increase your attributes so that you become a full person and then enter the Pleasure dome. You accomplish this by solving a murder, looking for disks and video's these you use in TV's and Computers at the various locations. When you use these items you enter one of many sub-games, including saving Liverpool from bombers, shooting at political figures, spitting at political figures, a weird game with holes and some other games that I can't recall.


The  Commodore version  looks a lot better, firstly the Spectrum has eight colors, in this game pink is used. Not pretty in pink, sorry for the pun. As you can see from the screenshots the Spectrum  suffers severly from color-clash. The Commodore includes nice touches like a crackling fireplace, wallpaper patterns and well drawn backgrounds.

Let's however get to the crux of the matter, this is a pop band tie-in, as we all know bands play music. The Spectrum has nothing, the Commodore has rocking tunes. Depending on if you like or dislike FGTH songs this might be an advantage or disadvantage to you.

In the final analysis the Commodore has better graphics and very good sound, hands-down a Commodore winner.