Let me start of by saying that all these arcade racing game, in my opinion, do not work well on any home system. Actually, that goes for any arcade game with a special  hydraulic system, sitting on a bike and moving along with the action makes the on screen action less importand, the realism of the hydraulic's is the focus. When playing a game like this, you tend not to consider the on-screen action in isolation, the hydraulics without the action might not be that good.

I think Enduroracer falls in that category, no matter how good the conversion, if you do not have the bike to sit on you miss 80% of the game.

The Spectrum version looks very good, it moves at the same speed as the Commodore but has alot more activity next to the road. The bike and roadside objects tend to mix with the mountains in the distace, it is however not to distracting. The Commodore version however is a dud, very sparse objects next to the road and ugly sprites for the bikes.

The Commodore version also seems to miss other cars on the road, either way, the game has limited lastability. It becomes boring very quickly, not my cup of tea.

The Spectrum is a clear winner in this case.


You are soldier of fortune, you have a mission to rid a planet of aliens. So much for the plot. You carry a laser gun and grenades, the game is a flip-screen game where you have a different challenge on every screen. Every screen requires a different strategy to conquer. This was really big on the Spectrum, every reviewer seemed to love it, on the Commodore however it didn't get such good reviews, it was only seen as average.

I suspect it got good reviews on the Spectrum due to it not having much of a color clash. It's a good game a nice little blaster but not as good as the reviewers suggested.


It is obvious from the screen shots that the two versions are very similar.



How do we choose a winner? Well the Commodore has a nice tune which the Spectrum lacks, the Spectrum also has some color clash. The game doesn't push the Commodore in any way, no scrolling, not to many moving objects. Based on this, using less of the machine on the Commodore and more on the Spectrum, the winner is: Commodore!