Dan Dare


Dan Dare on the two machines are very different games. On the spectrum Digby, Dan's little sidekick' stays onboard the spaceship, while on the Commodore he comes along and helps Dan in his quest. In both games Dan has to defeat the evil Mekon, the Commodore version is more adventure and less arcade while the Spectrum version is the opposite.

Both games are good in their own right, the sequals to the original Dan Dare were however the same on both machines. The game however breaks new ground on the Spectrum. There is very littile color clash, Dan can move behind objects with only the hue changing not the whole screen becoming a pink mess. At the time most people, including me, didn't believe it could be done. So, well done to Spectrum programmers.


The Commodore game is very different, I remember playing it alot when it was first released. it is a good game but it didn't break any technical ground on the Commodore.

IIn my opinion it is a draw, Spectrum owners showing the Commodore guys that you don't always have to have color clash might tip it slightly in favor of the Spectrum guys...