Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble is another arcade conversion. It's cute and it's fun, even many years after it's initial release it is still a blast playing a quick game. Bub and Bob blows bubbles. This way they destroy monsters, first by trapping the monster in a bubble and then bursting it's bubble, as it were.  They have to finish one hundred screens of bubble bursting  before they rescue their girlfriends. Naturally the game has a two player option,  Different monsters cross their path, some shoot boulders at them while others just jump around. They can collect jewels and water  'containers' that help them to kill monsters.


The Commodre version rocks, it has nearly everything the arcade machine has. A level progress screen is missing  from both versions but the Commodore has an near exact  graphics match to the arcade machine. While the graphics are the same, within the machines limits of coarse, it has an exact match of the bouncy little tune that plays. For me it doubles the fun, it rocks! The Spectrum in contrast is silent except for some weird sounding sound FX.


The Spectrum version is not bad, but the mono graphics show their limitations, at least there is no color clash. The Commodore version in contrast, is one of the best games ever produced for the machine. It shows that the Commodre chip-set really was good enough  to produce arcade quality games (before 1985). Let's keep it real, nobody in an arcade would have played a game, after 1980, that didn't have proper color and sound.

Nice and playable game on both machines, the Commodore however wins hands down, the Commodore version is good enough to have gone into the arcade. as is